Great gear makes for great adventures.

When traveling, camping with family or backpacking with friends it is the simple interactions with nature, people and food that are cherished .  There is something about packing up everything you need into a suitcase, small trailer or backpack and heading off on an adventure with only the essential.  Are we the only ones who love a backpack full of gear that removes any limitations? Snow, no problem. A stream to ford, we got this.  Whether your joy is trailblazing away from the crowds, or gathering at the river with your dearest friends, we create gear that will make memories for a lifetime.


Being with like minded people  get our creative juices flowing.




Casey would rather be bouldering and eating wild edibles than anything else. He loves a solid piece of minimalist gear that allows him to venture into the mountains without tying him down.  His passions have brought a desire for extreme functionality and utility to our gear.  You can be assured that each fabric, every stitch, all the doohickeys, along with each utility pocket are scrutinized to insure that we make the most useful product.




Jon speaks fish. He can whisper them onto his fly rod and has explored most of the rivers and creeks that our beautiful state of Idaho can provide. When he is not fishing the waters of Idaho he is rafting them in his whitewater raft.  Durability is essential for river gear and vital for each piece of gear we produce.




Brent would live in a tent in the forest if his wife and kids would let him. His favorite activities are backpacking in the wild and dragging his retro teardrop trailer to the many amazing campgrounds in the Northwest.  The ability to cook a gourmet meal and sit around a campfire is a luxury that no 5 star hotel could provide.  Brent’s drive is to create elegant gear that you would be thrilled to use in any situation.



Since 2006, our mission has been to outfit your active lifestyle and inspire adventure and appreciation of the outdoors.  Our hope is to find other like minded people to join with us. Let’s enjoy the wild places, let’s bond over a campfire and a can of beans.